The Cons of Using Car Insurance Comparison Sites

The Cons of Using Car Insurance Comparison Sites

If you have a new vehicle then you may find it difficult to get a fantastic deal. After all, you may find that your car is expensive to insure or even that you just can’t seem to find a provider who you can count on. Comparison sites are great for finding out everything you need, but there are some cons to using them that you need to be aware of.

Site Fees

The companies that show up on comparison sites often pay a fee when they are chosen by a customer. Comparison sites also get paid if someone switches through their site as well. This fee can vary, and it can affect your experience. Companies can’t often offer deals as good as they’d like and if they do, it may be for a policy that really doesn’t offer you anything. By being aware of this, you can then be sure to get the best result out of your purchase while also making sure that you are choosing the right policy for your needs.

Not Every Insurer Uses them

Did you know that not every single insurance company out there is on a comparison site? This means that you could be missing out by not opting to go with a reliable name. Some of them even state that they are not on comparison sites in their advertisements, so this is something to be aware of.

Lack of a Personal Touch

It’s so important to know that when you go through a comparison site, you don’t get a personal touch at all. The company won’t be able to talk you through anything or even give you their point of view, so it is important that you consider this if you are having a hard time choosing your policy.